Chilli is the universal spice of India. It is cultivated in all the States and Union Territories of the country. The important States growing chilli are Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Tamilnadu. Andhra Pradesh alone commands 46% of the chilli production in India. As per the latest statistics, India produced 8,00,100 tonnes of dry chilli from an area of 9,30,000 hectare. No country in the world has so much area and production of chilli as in India. Chilli has two important commercial qualities. If some varieties are famous for red colour because of the pigment capsanthin, others are known for biting pungency attributed by capsaicin.

Overseas buyer inspecting the quality of chillies at the drying yard in our factory.

At the Chillies Pulverizing Plant with Overseas Buyer

India is the only country rich in many varieties with different quality factors. Chilli is an essential ingredient of Indian curry. Curry is characterized by tempting colour and titilating pungency. Both are contributed by chilli. In curry, chilli is used as a paste, powder, broken split or whole form. There are Indian pickles, especially with tender mango in which chilli powder is added lavishly to form a thick paste with biting sensation at the end of curing. In all Indian homes, chilli is used by the poor and the rich alike.While consumption of chilli is the highest in India, maximum export is also from this country. India made the record export of 51,900 tonnes of dry chilli in 1996-97.Oleoresin of chilli with low, medium or high pungency is also exported in large quantities.


Chilli powder is another important item of export. Indian chilli and its products are bought by a number of countries. Important among them are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Korea and USA for dry chilli and USA, Germany, Japan, UK and France for oleoresin. India can supply chilli in whole, crushed, powder or oleoresin form in consistent colour and required pungency.Blessed with rich diversity in quality, Spices Board India has plans to produce specific varieties of Chillies for different International markets on committed demand, small or big.

We have our own Chilli processing unit with drying yard, pulverising plant and grading units with sophisticated lab for testing chillies to ISO 9002 Standards.


Overseas Buyer seeing the Quality of Chilli Powder before Packing

Sannam - S4 Chilli with Stem
Grown in Virudhunagar, Dindigul, Sattur, Rajapalayam, Sankarankoil & Theni in Tamil Nadu. Red in colour, pungent with thick skin. Harvesting season-September to March. Available in Virudhunagar,Sattur, Theni & Dindigul in Tamilnadu.
ASTA colour value - 59.1
Capsaicin - 0.24%

Sannam - S9 Mundu (Round Stenless)
Grown in Ramnad District in Tamilnadu Tomato red in colour and with fairly good pungency.
Harvesting Season - January to April. Annual Production 15000 tonnes Available at Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu.

Birds Eye Chilli

Grown in mizoram & some areas of Manipur Blood red in colour, highly pungent Havesting season - October to December.
Available in Calcutta Market
ASTA colour value - 41.7
Capsaicin - 0.589%